About Neila Gibson

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I teach Hatha yoga, incorporating aspects of Astanga, Iyengar, Yin and Vinyasa Flow yoga. My classes always start with some focussed breathing to assist in centering and bringing your focus inwards. I include asanas (posture work), pranayama (breath control) or meditation, and a relaxation practice at the end. The class content changes every week: sometimes they are slow with lots of static postures; other times they could be fast and dynamic; but mostly they're a mixture of both. My classes cater for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

I was a School Bursar/Business Manager and found yoga by chance following a recommendation from my osteopath. I had a back injury and was very inflexible. I can honestly say that since practicing yoga, my life has changed for the better. I felt so strongly about the benefits that I wanted to share this with others and qualified as a teacher under the British Wheel of Yoga.


I have now been teaching for over 10 years and absolutely love it. Watching my students develop physically and mentally gives me a real buzz, and they feel good too!


I teach yoga because I love yoga.  I have learnt so much and got so much from it both physically and mentally and I enjoy sharing this.  I believe that I teach with passion, humour and an open mind.


There is always more to learn about the way our body works; the way we react to things mentally and emotionally; the way we develop spiritually and by studying yoga philosophy.  As a teacher I am always learning and actively pursue professional development, allowing me to continually share new ideas with my students.


I suggest that you try at least three yoga classes before making a final decision about whether it's for you. Be aware that there are many different styles of yoga, and teachers all have their own styles too. Finding a teacher and style of yoga that you are comfortable with is very important so be prepared to look around. I would love to welcome you to one of my classes.

In addition to yoga, I also teach ParaciseTMI've been teaching since February 2018 and it's a great form of gentle exercise to music. It's beneficial for co-ordination, balance, and general mobility, and it's great for the endorphins! Everyone leaves a class smiling! There is no floor work so it suits those who have difficulty in getting up and down. Paracise is the new love in my life! We have such a lot of fun!


For more information on ParaciseTM take a look at the website www.paracise.com My ParaciseTM classes are currently running in Shalford and Cranleigh, and also on Zoom.